Jeffer London

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Facilitator of Dialogue-Based Events

Jeffer London is a conversation starter. He helps groups to stimulate ideas and build futures.

Based in Brussels, he works worldwide as a facilitator of strategic meetings (boards, top teams, leadership summits) and for dialogue-based events for very large audiences (community building, crowd sourcing, teambuilding). Recent projects have included:

  • • Facilitating dialogue on “The Future of Europe” with 450 European citizens representatives.
  • • Improving boardroom dynamics of a global consultancy as a catalyst for world-wide performance.
  • • Building relationships and vision through dialogue among merging groups of industry executives.
  • • Leading discussions among regional leaders on how to work together when a crisis strikes.
  • • Teambuilding for 2000 technology experts shaping innovation and the ITC landscape.

Jeffer has worked with fortune 500 companies, leading creative agencies, consultancies, universities and European institutions. These projects have resulted in award-winning campaigns, renewed profitability and more tightly woven teams, not to mention a sense of mutual accomplishment.

His personal story started in a house where art and business met. He then worked in design, consulting and inside the corporate machine until he found his niche – working as a facilitator. He now brings people into dialogue to advance their personal aims. His conversations help creative groups to make practical progress, and organizations to find fresh ideas.

Jeffer’s partners take him on to shape conversations, improve collaboration and deliver on the promise of innovation. Besides his client work, Jeffer speaks at conferences, animates storytelling forums and teaches MBA students in Europe and Asia. You can find his thoughts mingling with good company in forums on World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry and Co-creation.

MPI began working with Jeffer London to support members to deal with people’s growing needs for authentic connections, real conversation and meaningful dialogue.

Stimulating Conversation: How To Get People Talking

“Dialogue-Experiments” have been an integral part of Jeffer’s work over the years. Each experiment explores the questions of: how to get people talking? How to tackle tough topics? How to make discussions both productive and satisfying?

The insights and approaches are now being poured into a book called Stimulating Conversation.

In this session, we will explore:

  • • The facilitation skills that events people need
  • • How to build better dialogue into events
  • • Helping your clients to have more engaging events

Warning: this session is an experiment! You will be asked to be in “Stimulating Conversation” with your peers and to add your thoughts to a growing body of knowledge about how to design, host and manage dialogue-based events.

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