Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven is a creative centipede who wants to get people moving by making them more aware of the chances in their lives. Cyriel is a much sought-after speaker at conferences, events and internal meetings. Through his playful and enthusiastic attitude to life, he creates an open and informal atmosphere – ideal for bigger events and conferences. His main subject is creativity and innovation. In a very practical and simple way, he enables the participants to experience the power of creative thinking and doing.

Next to this topic, Cyriel is exploring principles how organisations can apply ‘Less is Beautiful’ on their daily practice. Participants will get inspired how they can stop things, simplify and letting go. And he can tell a compelling story about ‘Guidelines to become a Passion-a-Holic’.

His presentations are highly interactive (even when working with big groups) and are always tailored to his audience by using innovative examples from their field

Cyriel is already working more then 14 years in the domain of creativity and innovation. Apart from Belgium and the Netherlands, Cyriel has given various presentations in the bigger cities all over the world (in 2012, Cyriel has worked 111 days abroad in 13 different countries (in Europe, Asia, US and Australia). He is also author of 4 books. His latest book ‘Less is Beautiful’ gets very good reviews on Amazon.

So as you can see … interactive, inspiring, passionate, creative, international, this is Cyriel Kortleven. Expressive through and through.

Cyriel in 25 words: International speaker, author, Master of Interaction, inspirator, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), digital nomad, interaction, less is beautiful, Yes And Act, obstacle run, burning man, human, present

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