White Space or Event Story Board Canvas

Attendees will be able to choose between “white space” or joining the Event Story Board Canvas session.

  • Event Story Board Canvas (25 minutes): The Event StoryBoard canvas (#ESB) is the first tool to bring storyboarding to event design! We’ll use this simple techniques to co-create the next BE Conference (2017) together with you.
  • White space: Free time for attendees to do what they want and need to do. Refreshments are served on the side of the ‘Salle de Guichets’, delegates will be able to grab a drink, network, sit down and answer some emails, go outside for some fresh air, …
  • During the break, Maryse (singer) and her musicians (Xavier Edouard O’Romance on keyboard, Franck Guetatra on saxophone and Dexter Pallamy on bass) will take you on a personal journey through the rhythms of jazz standards and pop. Dream away and follow them to their world full of sweetness and nostalgia, maybe you will even have an encounter with the spirit of your favourite artist!

About Event Story Board Canvas

The Event StoryBoard Canvas (ESBC) is an event design tool that synchronises event design with audiences’ needs. The canvas helps you gain a deeper understanding of your audience. It helps you to step into the audience’s shoes and design the customer journey for your event through their eyes. It also has a solid build in ROI that ensures your design serves both the clients’ and audiences’ needs. When done you will be left with a clear visualisation of your event, ready to be pitched/communicated with your client or team. In short: By using simple techniques, the ESBC stimulates the design of tailor made events in just 5 steps.

The ESBC can be downloaded here and used for free, even commercially!

Event StoryBoard Canvas