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For many event managers, Safety & Security was not very high on their checklist, until recently. The terrorist events in Paris shook up the world and made a huge impact on many organisations. What can event managers do, if anything at all, when planning their events to secure the safety of their delegates?

Who is responsible for what part of the event? What aspects need to be taken into consideration when having VIPS among your delegates, when it’s taking place in a part of the world where safety has a different meaning or when having thousands of fans at a rock concert in Amsterdam? Three expert speakers will share their insights by three best practices of different types of events.


Safety & Security @ Special events | Accreditation Required!

Holland Heineken House | Cor Kostense, Risk Manager Holland Heineken House

The Holland Heineken House; during the Olympics this is the home for sport fans, Olympic athletes, sponsors, press, VIP’s and VVIP’s. Do you remember the picture of the Dutch King and Poetin drinking a (Heineken) beer. Just imagine what is needed in terms of security before this happens…This best practise focuses on the combination of audiences and the safety and security plans needed to make this happen.

Safety & Security @ Large concerts | Controlling the Crowd

One Direction Concert | Clayton McKenzie, Crowd Management consultant

Just imagine, thousands of fans in one venue during a large concert. What happens if the star of the evening doesn’t show up, what happens if young girls see their hero’s for the first time. So many things can go wrong… This best practice focuses on crowd management.

Safety & Security @ International conferences | Securing the Content

Global Conference on Cyber Security | Thomas Schmidt, ICT consultant

What if the content of your event is highly confidential or what if the topic of your event might attract hackers. In April 2015, The World Forum hosted the Global Conference on Cyber Security. Sure thing to be prepared for the worst, but how? This best practice focuses on cyber security.


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