Event description

Planners and suppliers are the key drivers of the events industry. We need each other in order to deliver effective meetings and grow our business. And like in any kind of human interaction, the planner/supplier relationships have their ups and downs. But imagine the positive impact we would have on the meetings industry if planners and suppliers find the ways around these pain points in their daily job?

Join MPI Belgium on 19th of October at Aloft hotel Brussels Schuman in a round table session to discuss the “4 pet peeves” of the planner/supplier relationships and the ways to avoid them. Our panel, Jan Samyn from Seauton, Attila Laszlo from Mondorf Parc Hotel, Dominique Janssen from Radisson Blu Antwerp and Mark Van Hamme from In the Spotlights will share their points of view, valuable insights and experiences on the following hot topics:

1. How to manage planner/supplier expectations?

2. What are the best ways to approach the planner?

3. What is the role of the “venue finder” in the planner/supplier relationships?

4. Who is responsible for the event participants insurance?

And much more.. cause you can add your topics for the discussion!

Simply send us your questions before the event and we will cover them during the round table discussion.


Why should you join this session?

1. Learn from the industry experts their strategies in overcoming the major pain points in the planer/supplier relationships.

2. Exchange your experience with other industry experts.

3. If these 4 pet peeves are part of your daily job, this round table is must-attend event to see how other planners and suppliers are dealing with this particular topic and how to improve the situation.

4. Receive the round table findings in your mailbox and apply these tips & tricks to improve the relationships with your planners/suppliers.

5. Moreover, don’t miss the great networking opportunity with your industry peers!


Join our round table conversation to share the experiences and the insights of the meetings industry with us!



October 19, 2017
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
5:00 pm