Event description

Maximize your revenue!

Are you or your company looking for the ways to maximize the revenue? Do you want to find the perfect mix of the “right price, right customer and right time” for your company? Then, MPI-Belgium Revenue management training is designed for you.

Revenue Management is a science that enables you to make the most revenue out of each opportunity you have. Helping you and your team to maximize the revenue and to find additional revenue streams is what this course about.

During the entire day, you’ll be working on your own action plan. We will cover not only the theory, like booking pace and room rental multiplier, we’ll also speak about the philosophy and communication between sales and revenue management, which will allow us to translate the strategy into the best practice.

The training is conducted in English and designed for maximum 30 participants in order to provide the best learning experience and enable maximum interaction between the participants and the trainer.

The target audience

  • Directors of sales who want to be able to challenge their revenue managers.
  • Directors of venues who want to start working on the revenue management, but don’t know where to start.
  • Directors of venues and / or sales managers of hotels who want to raise or improve their current revenu stream.
  • Revenue managers who have challenges convincing their sales department to interact with the strategy.
  • Planners organizing budget constraint meetings who want to understand how to work with the hotel or the venue to get the best price.

Why should you join the course?

  1. To define different possibilities of maximizing your revenue in the upcoming years.
  2. To create a revenue plan adapted to your company. Participants will return home with their own action plan, ready to put into operation.
  3. To start thinking “out of the box” and create a winning strategy with everyone involved!
  4. Interact with like-minded participants who struggle with the same challenges as you and learn from each other, exchange experiences and best-practices.

MPI-Belgium Revenue management training is the first one to bring the suppliers, venues, hotels, or other related companies together to learn from each other’s experiences in this field.

Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your revenue!!!