Event description

Reducing food waste has been on MPI’s agenda since 2009. Back then, we took – together with ACEA and EMA Society- the initiative to launch the “Don’t spoil the party” campaign.

The issue

In the Brussels region, the waste of food from players like the catering industry, the local governments and the large distribution channels represent over 40 000 Ton per year. It’s therefore essential to reduce the organic waste by revising food management.





This workshop is organised under the "Meetings Go Green" project, led by MPI Belgium, and supported by Bruxelles Environnement - Leefmilieu Brussel, in partnership with 21 Solutions and Yuzu Events. Four workshops will be organised over the upcoming 12 months. Those who wish to purchase admission to all four workshops can buy tickets at a special rate. For more information on the four workshops, please contact Gemmeke.