Event description

The Healthcare Forum for Meeting professionals brought together event professionals active in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Post-event publications

•  Webcasts are available for participants and MPI Belgium members, thanks to our partner Streamdis. Contact mieke(at)mpi-belgium.be for more information.<br/ >•  Photos are available on our Facebook page.

Event recap

Cyriel Kortleven chaired the event and create an open and informal atmosphere to involve participants and to enhance idea exchanges.

Pat Durocher (Global Cynergies) tackled meeting industry trends and contract negotiations, warming up the audience to the discussion on synergy between planners and suppliers. Geert Behets (UCB) continued addressing synergy between the different players by shedding light on current issues planners face and inspire discussions about the opportunities ahead of us.

Speakers were joined by Christine Sainvil and Federico Toja for a panel discussion.